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At Advanced Chiropractic our team of experienced chiropractors will treat your pain, relieve your symptoms and get you feeling and moving better fast.

Treating my pain

Whether you are suffering from severe back, neck or arthritis pain, whatever your symptoms, whatever the cause, sciatica, pregnancy, car accident or sports injuries we can help.

Same day & next day appointments available.

Treating you the way you want to be treated

Our friendly and professional team always provides a warm, caring and supportive environment, putting all our patients at ease immediately and throughout the whole process of initial consultation, diagnosis and ongoing treatment.

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Chelmsford:  01245 200 369

Maldon:          01621 856 452

Treating people like me

Whether you are new to the chiropractic experience or want a different view of your pain, whether you are a professional sports person, a new born baby or a senior citizen, we can treat your whole family. Our forward looking, dynamic team always ensures they are using the best industry practice for your condition.

Treating you the way you deserve

We offer a wide range of specialisms with everything from paediatric care to sports chiropractic with a certified golf fitness instructor, or massage therapies to radiology, our practice is called Advanced Chiropractic for a reason.

Our full range of treatments ensures fast and effective pain relief, with corrective procedures and ongoing maintenance strategies to prevent any relapses.

Our aim is to work together with you to achieve your long term well being.

3 Simple Steps

1. Acknowledge you are in pain

2. Choose to eliminate your pain


3. Act now to start your journey


We are open and taking bookings.

We take all necessary Covid precautions for your appointment.

We also offer Virtual Consultations if you are unable to attend an in-person appointment.


In severe pain?

We are here to help you get better quicker.

We can offer an emergency appointment to see you fast.


Take your first step to a happier, healthier, pain free life.

Only £40
(normally (£80)


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Chelmsford:  01245 200 369

Maldon:          01621 856 452