Claire Bragg

ITEC Level 3 Massage, ITEC Reflexology, ITEC Aromatherapy, LiddleKidz Paediatric Massage

Head Massage Therapist . Maldon

My Work

I love my job as a massage therapist because of all the lovely patients I get to meet and treat on a regular basis. It is so rewarding to help so many people feel better and see how my therapies can help transform their lives. Whilst it may take a little while, together we will get there. 


I firmly believe that good health starts in the mind and my approach to massage is a totally holistic one. As your mind and body are connected it is important to look at your overall wellness, not simply the condition that brings you to us, so that we can ensure a long term positive resolution for you. 


With a wide range of interests outside the clinic, I love being with family and friends. My spare time usually finds me enjoying music and being with friends.

Treatments Offered:

  • Prescriptive Massage (A prescribed combination of Sports Massage, Swedish Massage and Therapeutic Massage tailored to suit your needs and preferences). 
  • Pregnancy Massage 
  • Lymphatic Drainage 
  • Hot Stone Massage 
  • Bamboo Massage 
  • Infant Massage 
  • Baby Massage Classes

A Word of Advice…

“One positive step at a time, can lead to life changing outcomes.”