Our Treatments


We offer a wide range of treatments for immediate pain relief and long term pain free living.

Every day we see patients of all age groups, with varying levels of activity and a diverse range of symptoms.

Through skilful examinations and comprehensive discussions, we identify the cause of your pain, give accurate and precise diagnoses and provide individualised treatment.

We work with you to relieve your pain and improve your well being.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Treating the cause not just the symptoms of your pain

Focusing on problems with your joints, nerves, muscles, ligaments and tendons, we will diagnose, treat and provide an ongoing management programme to prevent recurrence of the condition.

Posture Correction

Allow your body to perform at its best, every day

Poor posture can aggravate underlying conditions or previous injuries, leading to pain and problems with muscles, discs and joints. Our treatments and postural rehabilitation plans help you regain a good posture and return you to your optimum health.

Sports Chiropractic

Getting back in the game…Getting better at the game

Sports Injuries can prevent you from playing the game you love, we get to the root cause, provide effective treatment and return you to the activity you love. Better still, by optimising the way your muscles and joints function, you can improve your performance and reduce injury risk.


Promoting Healing, Enhancing Health

Complementing our chiropractic treatments to promote healing, rehabilitation and improving your physical health, massage therapies also extend huge emotional benefits as a way of relaxing and treating yourself.


Thorough investigations provide rapid and accurate diagnoses

At times, further imaging is needed to gain a clearer picture and understanding of your condition. Our direct and speedy access to imaging services will ensure a prompt conclusion and a quick start to your treatment.

Event Support

Supporting local sports events with practical demonstrations and im- portant advice

Encouraging and assisting with local events at every level. Our highly experienced chiropractic team can provide pre and post race massages, informative talks, demonstrations and advice to your contestants and audience about improving their performance avoiding injury.

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